Countertop Options

Tuesday Feb 20th, 2018


If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, you are probably including new countertops in your plans. On its own, or as part of a full reno, countertops are a focal point of any kitchen. There are many materials to choose from. Here are 3 of the most popular options and some of the pros and cons that each may offer. Quartz: Also called engineered stone. Quartz looks like stone, but needs a lot less maintenance. It is available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Since quartz is... [read more]

Happy New Year!

Sunday Jan 21st, 2018


The advent of a new year is a wonderful feeling; a new beginning, new prospects, new year’s resolutions. The end of a year and start of a new one gives you a clean script to write upon. I was thinking about all the resolutions made: weight to be lost, gyms to be attended faithfully, life work balance to be sorted, fruits and vegetables intake to be doubled, money to be saved, the moment to be embraced. The list goes on and on, full of many noble, worthwhile ways to make people and lives... [read more]

Getting Cozy

Thursday Nov 30th, 2017


Around this time last year, we talked about the Danish trend of hygge. Do you recall the invoking of the Danes for their enjoyment of the simple things in life: going to the bakery, lighting candles over coffee and a pastry? With Denmark regularly considered one of the happiest countries in the world, it is difficult to perhaps not want to emulate their joy of sharing, for the most, quite non-momentous moments of daily life. Lifestyle was not the only area to benefit from the import of hygge... [read more]

Fall Decorating!

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


  Nature is an amazing inspiration for decorating, Fall is no exception. Shades of pumpkin orange, golden yellow, apple orchard red, chocolate brown, shades of rust and cayenne pepper and deep wine hues can help bring Autumn into your home. It does not have to be overwhelming, but a burnt orange cushion on your front entrance bench can make that space warm and inviting. Autumn earth tones layered in with some neutrals helps bring the outdoors inside in a subtle way. Velvet is not... [read more]

IKEA Must Haves

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


  Is it an exciting day at your house when the IKEA catalogue comes out? You can always count on IKEA to combine a timeless minimalist look with a current designer edge. We seem to be seeing more jewel tones this season, lots of gorgeous blue hues. I have picked a few items from the 2018 catalogue that I think represent either great dual function pieces, great space savers and always good value. Lillasen Desk Powder coated steel frame in white Bamboo top with 3... [read more]

Oakville's New Hospital

Thursday Mar 30th, 2017


Not sure if you have had reason to visit the state-of-the-art new hospital in Oakville’s North end, but it certainly seems to be living up to its highly-praised plans. This huge progressive healthcare centre is well timed for our growing community. It offers full-service acute care with a capacity of over 600 beds. It represents one of Ontario’s largest infrastructure projects. This massive project was funded by what the government calls Alternative Financing and Procurement Model... [read more]

New Experiences

Sunday Jan 15th, 2017


New Experiences   January is always full of new year’s resolutions, many which are hard to undertake much less keep. What about a new year’s resolution to be you, just maybe a little better, a little smarter. The town of Oakville runs a variety of adult programs. Maybe this year is the time to develop a special interest or to learn more about an interest that you have dabbled in like art or photography, but never really made the time for. In Oakville, we are very lucky... [read more]

New and Improved Oakville Place!

Thursday Dec 15th, 2016


   We are so lucky in Oakville to have great shopping options. We have a charming downtown with endless cafes and specialty clothing and home accessory stores. You can stroll and browse and always count on being able to buy something unique. Now, Oakville Place too is stepping up its options with its ongoing facelift. Have you stopped in to Pusateris? Whether you want to get a salad and slice of pizza or a delicious fresh pastry and coffee while you shop, it is a great spot for... [read more]

The thought that counts!

Thursday Dec 1st, 2016


The Thought that Counts With the holiday season ahead, our “to do” list definitely grows. It’s wonderful to want to acknowledge all the people in our life whom we’re grateful for. Maybe it is our children’s teachers or the crossing guard who is there rain and snow with a smile, or our neighbour who snow ploughs our driveway from the good of his heart, or your staff who have worked so hard this year. We want to show them that we appreciate them. However, most of... [read more]


Tuesday Nov 8th, 2016


With Remembrance Day around the corner it has gotten me thinking about all that we should be grateful for. The sacrifices of so many who fought for the ideals and beliefs that we enjoy today. To live in a country where people are not limited by their gender, race or religion is not a freedom to be taken for granted. Remembrance Day is certainly an important day to acknowledge all the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. A day to be grateful for the peace and freedoms that our nation... [read more]

Fall Colours

Tuesday Oct 25th, 2016


That first day you turn the furnace on can cause a little sigh of dread for the upcoming winter and the official end of summer. However, before you pull out the parka, mother nature has a little show in store to ease the transition. We are so lucky to live in an area where this amazing show can be part of your day. It is amazing to think that people come from all over the world to experience what a lot of us in this area can see outside of our front door. With the warm Fall to date, the... [read more]

Fall Lawn Preparation

Thursday Oct 13th, 2016


Fall Lawn Preparation   Summer and its hot scorching dry days may be starting to feel like a distant memory, but chances are the evidence is pretty easily seen in your lawn. We enjoyed a hot summer here in the GTA with little rain, which while nice for time at the cottage, can be very hard on your lawn. If you would like a thick green healthy lawn in the Spring, the time to start prepping for that is now. Here are a few tips to help repair some of that possible summer... [read more]

Exterior Home Renovations That Pay!

Tuesday Oct 4th, 2016


Exterior Home Renovations that Pay!! Last month we talked about some of the home projects that add value to your home AND offer good return on investment. As a follow up to that, I thought we could explore some exterior remodelling projects that add value. Entry Door Replacement: You need look no further than your front door to pick a project that adds huge curb appeal. A steel door adds security, helps reduce heating and cooling costs and is considered a safer option. Stone Veneer... [read more]

Renovations that Pay!

Sunday Sep 11th, 2016


Renovations that Pay!   A few of you have been asking lately about which renovation projects provide the best return on investment. Here are a few ideas from a few sources including Scott McGillvray, the Income Property TV host and from the magazine Style At Home. Your primary aim in any renovation for your home should be to increase your enjoyment of your home, but it is prudent to be mindful of which investment will add to your home’s equity as well. Kitchens and... [read more]

Patio Time!

Wednesday Aug 24th, 2016


Patio Time!   A beautiful patio can literally be like another room in your house - a spot to entertain, enjoy your garden, your pool, watch the kids play. The trick is to find that perfect chair and perfect table for what you want to do on your patio. Here are a few tips on finding that balance between comfort and function. What do you want to do in the space? Do you want to have drinks with friends? Do you like to host summer dinner parties? Do you want a quiet spot to... [read more]

Moving On!

Tuesday Jul 26th, 2016


Moving On.. There’s no debate that moving can be stressful and challenging! It is hard. The excitement begins as soon as you purchase that new house, but oddly so does the stress. You realize that it’s not just a new house that you’ve signed up for, but a new neighbourhood, a new school for your kids, new commute to work, new dry cleaner, new neighbours – essentially a new life. Maybe you have kids to consider. For young kids the thought of a new bedroom is a... [read more]

Make A Grand Entrance!

Wednesday Jul 6th, 2016


Make a Grand Entrance! You walk through it everyday and it’s one of the first things people notice about your home, yet it’s often neglected – your front door! Your colour choices for your entry are unlimited and should express the personality of the inside of your house while still complementing the overall style and architecture of your home. Benjamin Moore has a line of paints, Aura Grand Entrance, that offers wonderful traditional and whimsical choices to help... [read more]

Oakville is the BEST place to live.

Tuesday Jun 21st, 2016


Oakville has been named one of the best places to live in Canada! Do you ever wonder if life would be easier or better somewhere else? Do you ever think there might be better opportunities for your kids in another city? According to magazines such asMoneysense and Today’s Parent, you need look no further than Oakville. Using criteria such as population, low unemployment, high incomes, daycare costs etc., cities across the countries were ranked. Quebec’s highly... [read more]

Summer Festivals In Oakville!

Tuesday Jun 7th, 2016


The hazy, crazy days of summer are upon us and there’s certainly lots to do in Oakville this summer. Here are a few of the events happening around town that involve good food, music, family fun and shopping. Pop by and enjoy the outdoors! Downtown Oakville Sidewalk Sale Thursday June 09th to Sunday June 12: 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m. This is the 43rd annual downtown sidewalk sale. With six blocks of participating vendors all offering great sales, stop by or make a day of... [read more]

Hit the Trails!

Wednesday May 25th, 2016


One of the best things about summer in Oakville, aside from all the great patios and festivals that abound, are the amazing trails at our doorstep for walking, hiking and biking. And I do mean “at your doorstep”- nearly every Oakville area has its own system of trails. A great way to get active, find some shade, be with nature and change up your dog walking is to find a path by your house and see where it leads! City hall and the recreation centres... [read more]

Potential Technology Dangers

Monday May 9th, 2016


I don’t think that many of us would argue with the opinion that technology makes our lives better on nearly every front. Easier, faster, simpler - technology serves us well. However, I wonder if many of us spend enough time thinking about some of the limitations and even dangers of the technology that fuels our lives. What do we risk when we pay for that online purchase with PayPal? What are we potentially sharing when we post a picture of our dinner from that new Italian restaurant... [read more]

Colour Me Grey

Tuesday Apr 26th, 2016


Choosing paint colours for the rooms of our home, our entryway, the exterior of a house, a baby’s room, or our kitchens, are all big decisions. While painting is one of the most reasonable home renovation projects we can undertake, it’s still time-consuming and something we want to spend time considering. Living with the right colour adds to our lives and moods while the wrong colour can just throw the balance off in your home. Colour psychology is a “real thing” because... [read more]

Little Spaces with Big Heart

Monday Apr 11th, 2016


When we talk about houses, especially in real estate, we tend to talk about square footage and can sometimes lean towards the thinking that “bigger is better”. However, we seem to invariably be drawn to the cozy nook, the space where things are busy, such as the kitchen, versus the often comparatively sprawling and sparser living room. And, if we do venture into that big room, we tend to gravitate to the cozy niches. These spots can be like rooms within rooms. What would happen if... [read more]

Make the Most out of your Kitchen!

Thursday Mar 24th, 2016


It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It seems to be where everyone congregates- not only for meals, but to catch up and connect. Wouldn’t it be nice if things were easier to find and the space seemed less cluttered? Here are a few tips to help you make your kitchen work a little better for you. Decant Everything: Empty all baking supplies, rice, cereal, pasta etc. into clear labelled containers. The similar sizes and see- through jars are a low cost solution... [read more]

Maple March!

Saturday Mar 12th, 2016


We’re very lucky in Oakville to be close to so many events celebrating the Canadianest of Canadian traditions: Maple syrup time! Here are a few places to stop by to sample the mapley elixir and learn about the process and traditions. Bronte Creek Provincial Park: The sap starts flowing in early March and there’s lots to see, taste and do at Bronte Creek. Enjoy a guided tour of Maple Lane with 1890’s costumed interpreters who demonstrate how to tap maple trees... [read more]

Your local Oakville library, and all it offers!

Monday Feb 29th, 2016


Libraries have long been a magical place full of wonder for all ages, but in this internet age it bears reminding that libraries are indeed relevant today! They offer more than Googling on your couch ever could. Here are some reasons why you should stop by 1 of Oakville’s six library locations. Increase Your Knowledge: Whether your child is interested in astronauts or the Olympics or you want to research a trip to Tuscany, the library has stories and reference materials to fuel that... [read more]

Lighting Tips!

Wednesday Feb 17th, 2016


Updating your lighting fixtures can dramatically change the look of a space. You can make a room seem larger by washing its walls with even lighting. In a large room, you can light up a few areas which can draw attention to artwork or a sitting area and make the room feel cozier. Or, simply add drama to a space by choosing a lighting piece that is unique and makes a statement. You can certainly have fun and be creative, but following some basic guidelines and avoiding some common pitfalls can... [read more]

Happy Valentines Day !!!

Tuesday Feb 2nd, 2016


A popular legend that surrounds the origin of Valentine’s Day is of a Christian Saint named Valentinus. It states that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, during his imprisonment, he healed the jailer’s daughter, Asterius, who was blind. Valentinus was executed, but before his death he apparently wrote the daughter a letter which he signed... [read more]

The Danish Art of "Hygge"

Thursday Jan 21st, 2016


I came across an interesting article in the London Telegraph the other day about the Danish art of“hygge”. It definitely made me wonder if we could use an infusion of Danish sensibility in North America. “Hygge”: pronounced “heurgha” is best described, the author claims as: “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; to take pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.” She gives hygge examples... [read more]

Sights and Sounds of the Season!

Tuesday Dec 15th, 2015


The countdown to the big day is on! Once your delicious holiday treats have been baked and most of your shopping and wrapping is done, it’s time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season all around us here in Oakville. If you have a last minute holiday party outfit to buy, or you need a unique tableware accent or a hostess gift ornament, or even if you need to replace that sofa in the living room before the New Year, downtown Oakville has an array of shops to meet all your... [read more]

'Tis the Season

Tuesday Dec 1st, 2015


‘Tis the Season !!! This is certainly one of my favourite times of the year! Decorations are starting to appear and the shops beckon us with all kinds of things for our presents to give AND receive list! It is a wonderful time of year to enjoy this amazing town and all it has to offer. There are Christmas markets and bazaars that offer unique gift ideas. Cultural events for the season abound as well as lots of outdoor fun. I thought I would share some of the local happenings in... [read more]

Organizing Your Garage

Monday Nov 9th, 2015


Garages are intended to keep our vehicles safe and away from the elements, but what about when you can barely pry yourself in and out of your car amongst all the other items that are infringing on your car’s space? That may signal that it’ s time for a garage clean up! I wish there were some shortcuts, I really do, but you do need to remove everything to get started. This way you can clean the garage too, which in the long run will help with the organizing after. Organize and... [read more]

Halloween Safety Tips

Friday Oct 16th, 2015


Halloween is a night for all, old and young, to get into the spirit of make believe and dressing up and decorating and eating ghoulish delights!! With all the excitement, everyone can use a reminder on how to stay safe during trick or treating. Firstly, regular pedestrian rules still apply! Walk on sidewalks, cross at intersections. Drivers are still hurrying about with their lives, respect the rules of the road. Be seen: Give kids flashlights or better yet let them wear glow sticks as... [read more]

Fall Home Preparations

Tuesday Sep 29th, 2015


Fall Home Preparations Protect Your Most Valuable Asset!!! Fall may just be starting with its bounty of apples and pumpkins and the beauty of changing leaves, so Winter is still a distant thought, right? Our memories of the lazy, hazy days of summer are just fading, but believe it or not, Fall is the perfect time to think about those not too distant windy and snowy days…. Now’s the time- when you’re warm and relaxed and cozy inside your... [read more]

Summer Is Coming!!

Wednesday Jun 10th, 2015


Almost summer… and everything looks beautiful, doesn’t it?! One of the many only-in-the-summer things that I label “favourite”, is heading out to buy my groceries at a farmers’ market. Many markets in our area, running from sometime in May until autumn, are open now, with more and more fruits and vegetables promising to appear as the weeks pass.  I dropped in to the market at the Burlington Mall parking lot this week - happy to see it open - where I... [read more]

Spring Up Your Home!

Monday May 4th, 2015


Just as our outdoor scenery has shifted dramatically in the past month, it’s fun to shift our inside scenery a bit too.  Adding special touches to your home isn’t only for staging and getting ready to sell!  It’s a good habit to give your home as you slowly clean out the cobwebs of winter. Here’s what I like to do (no paint brushes or tools required) when winter fades away and the warmer weather begins to descend: Living/Family room: take all... [read more]

Spring has Sprung!

Saturday Apr 25th, 2015


Colour.  Spring brings a lot of things: warmer air, lighter evenings, even bugs.  One of my favourite gifts of spring is COLOUR.  I have to admit, even dandelions look pretty when they first pop up (sorry to all those who love a perfect lawn!)  When the grey of winter is erased by pops of green and yellow - only two among many - something makes me stop and stare. Everything around us at this time of year speaks of new life and fresh beginnings.  This blog - a place... [read more]