Exterior Home Renovations That Pay!

Tuesday Oct 04th, 2016


Exterior Home Renovations that Pay!!

Last month we talked about some of the home projects that add value to your home AND offer good return on investment. As a follow up to that, I thought we could explore some exterior remodelling projects that add value.

  1. Entry Door Replacement: You need look no further than your front door to pick a project that adds huge curb appeal. A steel door adds security, helps reduce heating and cooling costs and is considered a safer option.
  2. Stone Veneer exterior: If the exterior of your home looks a little tired, a little flat or could use a little charm or dimension, you could add some stone to highlight a feature and add some depth and texture. Manufactured stone is much cheaper and lighter than natural stone.
  3. Garage door Replacement: Along with that new steel door, here is another curb appeal boosting project. There are many materials to choose from – wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass. There are a variety of styles that can help you match the style of your home.
  4. Wooden Deck Addition: People love the idea of outdoor entertaining, even if they never have that outdoor dinner party, people love the idea of an outdoor area that expands their living space. An outdoor fireplace helps buyers picture their evenings outdoor even more so.
  5. Attic Insulation: While not very glamorous and hard to see the impact, this project repays right away with energy savings and resonates with buyers as  money well spent.

A couple cautionary exterior projects include pools and extensive landscaping. Pools can scare off buyers with young children as a safety hazard and elaborate landscaping, while beautiful, may be considered a potential burden to a purchaser who does not enjoy weekends in the garden weeding and does not want the expense of a lawn service.

Ultimately the best investment you can make in your home is regular home maintenance and replacement of components and systems as required. If you embark on any projects ensuring that you have a reputable professional complete the job and any required work permits are the best ways to ensure your project is a success.


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