Getting Cozy

Thursday Nov 30th, 2017


Around this time last year, we talked about the Danish trend of hygge. Do you recall the invoking of the Danes for their enjoyment of the simple things in life: going to the bakery, lighting candles over coffee and a pastry? With Denmark regularly considered one of the happiest countries in the world, it is difficult to perhaps not want to emulate their joy of sharing, for the most, quite non-momentous moments of daily life. Lifestyle was not the only area to benefit from the import of hygge last year. We have always liked and emulated the Danes sense of décor as well. Lots of natural materials like wood and leather are elements that make any room cozy and chic.

This year it seems that hygge is infiltrating fashion as well. We are seeing lots of cozy oversized knits, perfect for Canadian winters. Even Burberry, the British heritage brand known for their tailored trench coats, has a gorgeous line of generous cable knit cardigans with enveloping shawl collars. The textures and comfort are paramount in many of the offered styles. Victoria Beckham, style icon, has a gorgeous shearling long wrap vest in her fall offering. You can see some of these items at Nordstroms.

Maybe it is the long winters, but we do seem to have a fair bit in common with the Danes. The Danes show us how to combine lighting, design and comfort in our homes while sacrificing neither décor nor coziness. The Danish example of enjoying time with family and friends in simple ways also has lots of benefits for our mental health and happiness. This year’s hygge extension into fashion, looking good and being comfortable and warm, is indeed another welcome Danish addition.

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