Halloween Safety Tips

Friday Oct 16th, 2015


Halloween is a night for all, old and young, to get into the spirit of make believe and dressing up and decorating and eating ghoulish delights!! With all the excitement, everyone can use a reminder on how to stay safe during trick or treating.

Firstly, regular pedestrian rules still apply! Walk on sidewalks, cross at intersections. Drivers are still hurrying about with their lives, respect the rules of the road.

Be seen: Give kids flashlights or better yet let them wear glow sticks as bracelets or necklaces to keep their hands free.

Costumes that fit well are a must including good footwear that allows for inevitable excited running from house to house. Costumes that are in lighter colours and have reflective tape make kids easier to see. Ensure that costumes are made of flame retardant materials as little ghosts and goblins will be passing lit jack o lanterns in their house approaches.

Use hypo-allergenic make-up when possible instead of masks to ensure that vision is not impaired.

Whether you are accompanying trick or treaters or driving, pay attention to cars and trick or treaters alike. Drivers: Drive slowly and carefully, children are excited and running and unpredictable on this night of thrills. Double and triple check when reversing to ensure that some little goblin has not darted behind you.

If guiding a band of trick or treaters, do one side of the street and then cross. Do not criss-cross unnecessarily.

For older kids who may be trick or treating without an adult, ensure that they are in a group and have a pre-established route and an agreed upon time to be back home or to check in.

If the lights are out, keep going. Chances are there is no candy there anyway.

Ensure that younger and older kids know that they should not eat anything until they get home so parents can check that everything is properly wrapped. This also safeguards that Mom gets first crack at the kit kats!

Let’s not forget our pets on Halloween. Chocolate is poisonous to lots of animals and many wrappers are hazardous if swallowed. Keep your pets away from treats!

Halloween is indeed a fun night for indulging, but be sure to feed everyone a good dinner before trick or treating and they will be less likely to gorge on treats!!!!

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