Make the Most out of your Kitchen!

Thursday Mar 24th, 2016


It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It seems to be where everyone congregates- not only for meals, but to catch up and connect. Wouldn’t it be nice if things were easier to find and the space seemed less cluttered?

Here are a few tips to help you make your kitchen work a little better for you.

Decant Everything:

Empty all baking supplies, rice, cereal, pasta etc. into clear labelled containers. The similar sizes and see- through jars are a low cost solution that’ll make reaching for something a snap. I like to use all sizes of mason jars....

Combine Smaller Items in Bins:

Instead of sorting through a whole cabinet of small bottles, combine all small- size items in a bin so that you can pull out one item instead of a myriad of bottles. Put all snack foods in a basket and you’ll be able to pull out the whole basket when you make lunches or need to grab snacks on -the-go- so much easier!

Lazy Susans:

When in doubt-spin it! A handy turntable lets you access that hard-to-reach jar in any direction. They can fit in any drawer or cupboard to house spices or condiments. Put some in your pantry and keep similar products together.

Sliding Shelves and Drawers:

Heavy pots and pans are much easier to access when drawers or shelves slide towards you rather than when you have to rummage to the back of a deep cupboard.

Repurpose Odd-Size Cabinets:

That kitty- corner glass cabinet that just seems to collect a hodgepodge of items can be transformed into a display space or turned into a handy coffee and tea station with all supplies in one convenient spot!

Hang it:

The inside of your cupboard doors provide space for a chalkboard or bulletin board to pin favourite recipes and lists. Utensils, measuring spoons, openers, zesters and peelers can also be hung inside cupboard doors or on any free surface. Not only does this free up drawer space, but it also makes items easier to grab mid-task.

Ultimately, help your kitchen suit you. Whether you’re a fanatical baker or a frozen dinner microwave enthusiast, make whatever ingredients, space or appliances you use the most be the focal area of your kitchen so that you can work more easily and enjoy your space. Even if your meals are not all homemade, your memories and time in the kitchen should be.

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