Moving On!

Tuesday Jul 26th, 2016


Moving On..

There’s no debate that moving can be stressful and challenging!

It is hard. The excitement begins as soon as you purchase that new house, but oddly so does the stress. You realize that it’s not just a new house that you’ve signed up for, but a new neighbourhood, a new school for your kids, new commute to work, new dry cleaner, new neighbours – essentially a new life. Maybe you have kids to consider. For young kids the thought of a new bedroom is a stressor. You need to help them feel excited and reassured that their routine will be similar.

There are many moving checklists out there – find one and use it. There really is no shortcut to your “to do list.” Start as much as you can in advance and give yourself weekly goals. Last minute things and appointments with lawyers do crop up, so get as many of the things you can plan for done in advance.

In this crazy current GTA market, chances are that you only saw your house once and then had to make an offer right away and most likely were part of a multiple offer scenario. Now, you’re wondering, do you really love it? You have spent more time deliberating over a pair of shoes than you did this house purchase.

Should you feel happier? Chances are your move is for the right reasons and is a good decision, but a move involves a major disruption in your life. Disrupting our routine causes us stress. You have to get through the packing, unpacking and settling into the new home before you can adapt to your new routine. The best thing you can do is try to adopt the attitude that the new life you’re embarking on will be even better than the one you’re leaving behind.

The only constant in life is change – change usually means growth. Once those boxes are unpacked, embrace your new surroundings. Your future awaits!

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