New Experiences

Sunday Jan 15th, 2017


New Experiences


January is always full of new year’s resolutions, many which are hard to undertake much less keep. What about a new year’s resolution to be you, just maybe a little better, a little smarter. The town of Oakville runs a variety of adult programs. Maybe this year is the time to develop a special interest or to learn more about an interest that you have dabbled in like art or photography, but never really made the time for.

In Oakville, we are very lucky that the community centres and Colborne Senior Centre all offer great programs from dancing to bridge to ukulele playing or swimming. Many of these classes are available on a casual drop in basis as well. Or, maybe you want to learn how to cook the perfect Italian or vegetarian meal, the Superstore and Longo’s have cooking classes in their loft areas that often involve you sampling your culinary skills as well.

If you want a more traditional approach to learning, Sheridan College offers a full range of courses. They have introductory courses to many languages. Perhaps you want to spend a holiday in Mexico this year and want to learn some Spanish before you go, or maybe you have always wanted to brush up on your French. A creative writing program at Sheridan is a wonderful way to learn writing techniques to help you get some of your great ideas onto paper. Or, maybe you would rather read than write. Sheridan offers a course in literature appreciation that can introduce you to new books and genres and ways of interpreting and appreciating them. Whether you learn how to make a  delicious Tuscan chicken dish or you start that short story that you have often thought of, a new experience is always a good thing.

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