Patio Time!

Wednesday Aug 24th, 2016


Patio Time!


A beautiful patio can literally be like another room in your house - a spot to entertain, enjoy your garden, your pool, watch the kids play. The trick is to find that perfect chair and perfect table for what you want to do on your patio. Here are a few tips on finding that balance between comfort and function.

What do you want to do in the space? Do you want to have drinks with friends? Do you like to host summer dinner parties? Do you want a quiet spot to read?

Get some ideas online and from home and garden magazines, but pick a couple of stores and go and see what they have and sit in the furniture. Comfortable furniture gets used! Mixing pieces and styles is fine, but just like inside your house, you do want your space to look unified.

Before you purchase, consider maintenance of the material you are interested in. Do you want to fret every time it rains? Do you want to refinish or repaint each season? If not, consider teak, cedar, coated metals or all-weather wicker. These materials last a long time, weather well and they do not rot or mildew easily. They may cost more, but you will usually get considerably longer use out of them.

No matter how sturdy your furniture is, it will last longer if stored through winter. How much room do you have to store furniture? Can you get it into the basement easily? Whose car will you move out of the garage to make rom in there? No matter what material your furniture is made of, a good cleaning before storage is always a good idea!

As always, there is a balance between price and quality that you must weigh, but consider how long your purchase may last you. Plastic chairs and tables, while affordable, lose their colour and can become brittle after a couple of seasons. Not all wood does well outside either. Check reviews before you buy.

Nothing says summer like cold drinks on the patio. Enjoy yours for years to come with a little planning. End of season purchases often are discounted and a good time to buy! Think how excited you will be to break out that new set on the first nice day next year!

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