Spring has Sprung!

Saturday Apr 25th, 2015


Colour.  Spring brings a lot of things: warmer air, lighter evenings, even bugs.  One of my favourite gifts of spring is COLOUR.  I have to admit, even dandelions look pretty when they first pop up (sorry to all those who love a perfect lawn!)  When the grey of winter is erased by pops of green and yellow - only two among many - something makes me stop and stare. Everything around us at this time of year speaks of new life and fresh beginnings.  This blog - a place where I can chat about life, family, our beautiful Town of Oakville, and, of course, real estate - is a fresh beginning for me.  My hope is to pass along thoughts and information that will inspire and bring a bit of colour to your day.  Let’s be sure to make the most of this amazing time of year - head outside and work, play and relax and enjoy.  We’ve been waiting a long time for this — We deserve it!

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