Spring Up Your Home!

Monday May 04th, 2015


Just as our outdoor scenery has shifted dramatically in the past month, it’s fun to shift our inside scenery a bit too.  Adding special touches to your home isn’t only for staging and getting ready to sell!  It’s a good habit to give your home as you slowly clean out the cobwebs of winter.

Here’s what I like to do (no paint brushes or tools required) when winter fades away and the warmer weather begins to descend:

Living/Family room:

  • take all wool/heavy/dark throws or blankets that sit on the couch and chairs, and exchange them for one or two lighter ones (lighter in both in colour and weight!).

  • Remove some items from shelves and side tables to bring a more open look/feel.  Add small pots of indoor flowering plants and vases of fresh cut flowers to some of the empty spaces!

  • Give your area rug a good cleaning.  Maybe you want to leave it out of the room, showing your hardwood floor, and bring it back when cooler weather returns.


  • pick up a few new brighter-colour kitchen towels.…  If you’re anything like me, I use my towels so frequently, I need new ones regularly!

  • be sure the blinds/curtains are pulled away and windows get opened frequently for a fresh outdoor scent.

  • if you like to display some of your pretty bowls or dishes, bring out the more colourful ones

  • add fresh flowers or a few small pots of herbs to the counter


  • remove heavy duvets and have them cleaned.  Bring lighter blankets and covers to the beds.  

  • be sure to dust the ceiling fans before you turn them on again!

  • use a light floral candle to add a fresh spring scent.


  • if you haven’t in a while, give the shower curtain a good scrub, rinsing it lemon-scented water.

  • add a new candle - fresh citrus or lovely floral.

  • treat yourself to a new hand towel.

  • try that premium soap pump you’ve always wanted!

Whatever you decide to do, remember: there are no rules! 
Have fun and make your place a reflection of you - and of this beautiful time of year!

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